Benefits of Diving | The Top Ten

What’s so great about scuba diving?

Happy Jen and Hazal!

Here are my Top Ten reasons why scuba diving is one of the best things you can do for yourself – and for our planet!

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  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Travel to new places
  3. Boldly go where few have gone before
  4. Find space and calm
  5. Be at one with nature and life on earth
  6. Meet new people
  7. Improve your mental health
  8. See exotic wildlife
  9. Do more of what you love
  10. Conserve our precious ocean & planet

Learn a new skill

There’s something to be said for broadening your horizons and learning something new! A sense of accomplishment is up there with one of the most basic human needs and, with scuba, you can be sure to find endless opportunities to develop! From starting out by earning your Open Water Certification, to taking it all the way to Technical diving and diver specialties, the road to expanding your knowledge is bountiful.

Travel to new places

Whilst travelling to tropical locations to spend time in the sun, sea and sand is at the top of a lot of people’s agendas, you don’t have to draw the line there. Scuba diving can be conducted almost anywhere that you find water! From the ice caves of the Arctic to abandoned inland quarries, lakes and rivers, there are innumerable places to explore to seek out new underwater adventures. There might even be diving right on your doorstep – metaphorically speaking…

…Unless you happen to live here:

Gorgeous beach shack in the Dominican Republic

Boldly go where few have gone before

Although there are globally renowned dive sites which host thousands of divers every year, the world is full of unexplored terrain – both over and underwater! As a certified diver, you are at liberty to take a buddy and adventure forth into the unknown. Map new dive sites, search for wrecks, perhaps you’ll even discover a rare or undocumented marine species!

Secluded beach in Indonesia

It’s also important to recognise the privilege of this experience. We may have evolved from water dwellers millions of years ago, but the ability to explore the source of life on our planet is a beautiful gift recently bestowed to us. Take this opportunity to delve into the unique and undiscovered blue that represents 71% of our earth’s surface and find yourself at one with our planet and it’s aquatic origins. You’ll be one of a very lucky few.

Find space and calm

The water is a vast entity with depths we can only imagine. It is a sacred space, and you can feel it. It holds you like a full body hug and guides you into a state of mindful meditation. Scuba diving is not swimming – the aim is to expend as little energy as possible for the most rewarding experience.

Upon entering the water, it’s not silent as you might imagine. It’s bustling with pops, crunches and squeaks from aquatic life. The melodic rhythm of your breathing accompanies you on every journey, becoming your own meditative metronome. Your heart rate slows as you enter a space of relaxation, where tranquility washes over the body and mind. For about 60 minutes, you are at peace – living absolutely in the moment – and that is truly priceless.

Be at one with nature and life on earth

Like a stroll along a beach, a walk in the park or a mountain trek, a dive in the ocean brings you closer to the elements! Where the earth’s jungles have monkeys, exotic birds and insects, the ocean have sharks, dolphins, whales, tropical fish, eels, rays, turtles, crustaceans and so much more. Just as there are fields of wildflowers on land, there are beds of stunning varieties of coral, bearing their beautiful shapes, colours and sizes for our eyes to feast on.

They say that time spent in nature is the best medicine, and I couldn’t agree more.

Meet new people

Who needs tinder when you’re on a dive boat?! Jokes aside, it’s a fabulous way to meet people from all over the world and many walks of life. Life-long friends can be found in the dive community. Travellers, holiday makers, marine enthusiasts, environmental agents, thrill seekers, and passionate dive professionals are just a handful of the types of people that board the dive boat every day. No matter who we are or where we come from, we are all part of one big family!

Your dive boat buddies are among some of the best friends you’ll find.

Improve your mental health

This has been a major part of my personal journey and I genuinely can’t advocate for it enough. Like some type of miracle potion, scuba diving has opened my eyes to the wonder and value of all life, including my own. I’m at peace every time I enter the water, living in the moment, allowing my senses to carry me on a voyage of gratitude for who and where I am on this planet.

Happy Jen


  • Demands that I slow down
  • Invites me to be grateful
  • Values forward planning and problem solving
  • Encourages me to remain calm in times of difficulty
  • Reminds me to breathe and take responsibility
  • Stimulates my mind with the wonders of our world

See exotic wildlife

Glide alongside the majestic Hawksbill Turtle. Dance with Bottlenose Dolphins and seek out the meandering Moray Eel. Hover in awe of a gentle giant, the Whale Shark. Swim with hundreds of species of fish in a single dive. Observe the miniature Nudibranchs that require a keen eye to spot. Study the symbiotic relationship between the Gobi and the Shrimp. Avoid the Titan Triggerfish… (who are big softies, really).

And that’s just the beginning.

I love all the fish in the ocean (except triggerfish!)

Coral is an outstanding animal and an essential contributor to our marine ecosystems and planetary survival. It acts as a nursery for thousands of species to nest their eggs, providing shelter for their early stages of development. It provides food sources for all sorts of life-forms, including parrotfish, who create sand as a byproduct!

Do more of what you love

Scuba provides an excellent platform for you to build on hobbies that you already love! Perhaps you’re an avid photographer or videographer? Maybe you have a home aquarium or are interested in plant propagation? If you’re into sustainability and environmental protection, then there is so much scope for you to pursue and develop these interests in the world of diving!

Underwater filming and photography is great fun!

Conserve our precious ocean & planet

Although this may be the last item on my list, it’s definitely not least. This is possibly the most prevalent of all benefits of scuba diving.

We are visitors to the largest ecosystem on our planet and it’s only right that we do everything in our power to protect it. It’s our duty to give back to nature, or more aptly, take away all the things we’ve put there that do not belong.

Every dive is a fun dive but, more importantly, every dive is an Eco Dive. We are ocean ambassadors and the effort to remove bags, cans, plastic bottles, lighters, indeed, anything that doesn’t belong in the ocean should be at the top of our to do list.

The most important rule of diving is to never hold your breath. Alongside that, I’d say never hold anything. The creatures of the ocean, big or small, strange or familiar, friend or foe are not to be touched. There are surfactants on the skin of marine animals which are there to protect them from harmful and foreign bacteria. If we touch anything – even with gloves on – we risk exposing them and compromising their immune systems.

The only things we should touch or remove on a dive, are the man-made waste products that shouldn’t be in the water in the first place.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my top ten benefits of scuba diving! If you did, please share this post, like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. Your support is hugely appreciated – thank you!


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