About Jen

When I was little, I would introduce myself as Jennifer, the 3 year old dolphin… Now look at me!

It all began when I was 13 and I took my PADI Open Water Diver course in Scotland’s Loch Fyne – in a drysuit!

After finishing school in 2009 I moved to Honduras in Central America to volunteer as a teacher for a year. It was a vibrant, beautiful and charismatic place & I think this is where I caught the travel bug!

I explored the neighbouring countries of Central America and visited beautiful places like the remote island of Tobacco Quay off the coast of Belize, and volcanoes in Costa Rica.

When my family visited me at the end of my year, I finally dived with my Mum for the first time, in the Caribbean. It was nothing like Loch Fyne!

I returned to Scotland after that year, but it wasn’t the same.
I worked in cafes, shops, pubs and call centres, always trying to make ends meet, never really feeling at peace.

In January 2018, my Mum and I went on a dive trip to Egypt’s Red Sea where I did my Advanced Diver certification and I was reminded of the serene wonder of the underwater world. I didn’t want to leave.

I looked around me at the dive instructors and demanded “why can’t this be my life too?”

In September 2019 I moved to Koh Tao, Thailand to pursue my dream. I spent three months diving and meeting amazing people while I obtained my PADI Pro Divemaster certification, but I knew I didn’t want to stop there. I completed the Instructor Development Course through Simple Life Divers, sat the PADI Instructor Exam in December 2019 and passed with top marks across the board.


It’s time to get back in the water!

* So, I was actually made in Australia… but born and bred in Scotland. Happy now, Mum?

Come, join me on Koh Tao & experience more of our beautiful world.

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