List of PADI Courses

Which PADI Course is Right for You?

Here’s an almost exhaustive list of PADI courses & programs. Use these handy links to jump to relevant sections to find what you’re looking for.

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PADI have an extensive list of available courses, programs and specialties which can be altered and updated at any time. Stay tuned for updates & more information on PADI Technical & Freediving Courses.

Courses for Adults

The bread and butter of your learning journey as a scuba diver.

Open Water
Your classic entry-level scuba course, with pool and open water sessions. Get certified to dive to a maximum of 18m around the world!

Advanced Open Water
5 adventure dives which focus on levelling up your key skills in different areas including deep and navigation. Get certified to a maximum of 30m!

Rescue Diver
Learn to rectify more challenging dive situations with heightened awareness in problem prevention and handling. First aid training a prerequisite.

Adventure Dives

These specialty dives build on the skills you learned in the Open Water Course. Adventure Dives contribute to the Advanced Course and they are also the first dives in the respective Specialty Diver Course!

Adventure DiveMinimum Age
Adaptive Support*15
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy*12
Digital Underwater Imaging10
Dive Against Debris (AWARE)*12
Diver Propulsion Vehicle*12
Dry Suit10
Enriched Air*12
Fish Identification10
Full Face Mask*12
Peak Performance Buoyancy10
Search & Recovery12
Shark Conservation (AWARE)*12
Underwater Naturalist*10
Underwater Navigation10
*These dives must be taught by a Specialty Instructor. Get in touch to discuss.

IMPORTANT: It’s not always possible for a dive centre to accommodate every types of adventure dive. Imagine Ice Diving in the Mediterranean! Check ahead and communicate with your Dive Centre if you plan to do Adventure Dives that require a Specialty Instructor. Happy learning!

Specialty Diver Courses

This is where you can truly tailor your learning! If you’ve done any Adventure Dives – or your Advanced Open Water Course – then you’ve already completed the first dive of the respective Specialty Course! Time for a wee discount, no?
IMPORTANT: Most Specialty Diver Courses need to be taught by a Specialty Instructor. Many of them require you to have a prerequisite certification level. Get in touch with your Dive Centre to be sure you can do the course!

Specialty CourseMinimum Age
Adaptive Support Diver15
Adaptive Techniques18
Altitude Diver10
AWARE – Dive Against Debris12
AWARE – Shark Conservation Diver12
Boat Diver10
Cavern Diver18
Coral Reef Conservationno minimum age
Deep Diver15
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Diver12
Digital Underwater Photographer10
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver12
Drift Diver12
Dry Suit Diver10
Enriched Air Diver12
Emergency Oxygen Providerno minimum age
Equipment Specialist10
Fish Identification Diver10
Full Face Mask Diver12
Ice Diver18
Multilevel Diver12
Night Diver12
Peak Performance Buoyancy10
Project AWARE specialistno minimum age
Public Safety Diver18
Search & Recovery Diver12
Self-Reliant Diver18
Semiclosed Rebreather Diver15
Sidemount Diver15
Underwater Naturalist10
Underwater Navigator10
Underwater Photographer10
Underwater Videographer10
Wreck Diver15


Discover Scuba Diving
Try Dive Program.
A mini-course to try out scuba diving to see if it’s for you. Learn the basics for a safe and enjoyable first dive experience. Maximum 12m.

ReActivate Program
PADI authorised skills review.
This is ideal if you’ve not dived recently and want to refresh your open water skills and update your cert card.

Discover Local Diving
PADI authorised fun-dive.
Get to know your dive site with an experienced Divemaster telling you all you need to know & guiding you to the best spots.

PADI Scuba Diver
Subset of Open Water
Not got the time or money to do the whole Open Water? This course certifies you to dive to 12m, accompanied by a Divemaster or Instructor.

Adventure Diver
Subset of Advanced
Not got the time or resources to complete the full advanced course? Complete 3 adventure dives and you’re well on your way there!

Master Scuba Diver Program
Rescue Divers with a minimum of 5 specialties and 50 logged dives reach the the elite MSD status. The highest level for recreational divers!

For Kids

For children ages 8 – 15.
Please also see the Adventure and Specialty sections for more information.

Bubblemaker Program
Max depth: 2m | 8+
This is like a ‘try dive’ for kids. If they enjoy it, enroll them in the Seal Team for further training.

PADI Seal Team
max depth: 4m | 8+
Complete 5 AquaMissions to develop core skills in diving. Exciting course with sound knowledge development.

Master Seal Team
Complete an additional 10 AquaMissions & independently assemble and disassemble kit for Master Seal Team Membership!

Junior Open Water
max depth: 12m | 10-11yrs
max depth: 18m | 12-14yrs
It’s the Open Water Course! Automatic certification upgrade to Open Water Diver at 15 years.

Junior Advanced Open Water
max depth: 21m | 12-14yrs
It’s the Advanced Course! Automatic certification upgrade to Advanced Open Water Diver at 15 years.

Junior Rescue Diver
max depth: 21m | 12-14yrs + navigation adventure dive
It’s the Rescue Course! Automatic certification upgrade to Rescue Diver at 15 years.

Skin Diver Course
8 – adult
This is like an introduction to snorkelling and freediving, whilst wearing a buoyancy control device. Pool only.

PADI Pro Courses

This is it! The professional ladder! If this is on your agenda, please get in touch to discuss tailor-made packages and internships so you can make the most of your journey to educational excellence!

Spend your days diving and guiding people around local dive sites. Complete a variety of exercises and dives to test your fitness, patience and demonstration skills!

Assistant Instructor
Conduct a variety of courses independently, and more under the supervision of an Instructor. Carry out some specialty teaching and inspire your students!

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Teach everything from Bubblemaker right through to Divemaster! Share your passion for diving, skill mastery and extensive knowledge to educate a new league of divers.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Learn to teach a minimum of 5 specialties and complete at least 25 certifications to reach the status of MSDT!

Keep going and you could become…

  • an IDC Staff Instructor
  • a Master Instructor
  • a Course Director
  • a Specialty Course Instructor Trainer…

The world is your oyster – just dive right in. Water you waiting for? Mussel in and let the waves of joy wash over you. It’s all about taking a giant stride into the depths of your dreams and bringing them straight to the surface. You’ll have a whale of a time!

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