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Eclectic playlists of artists old and new to liven up your listening journey

Interested in finding a world of new music? Whether you’re planning long distance travel or you’ve got a lazy day ahead of you, you’ll find a wide array of artist, eras and genres to inspire your listening for all occasions.

Monthly Travel Playlists!

These playlists feature songs from the Daily Log Book.
Available on Spotify and Youtube, alongside a PDF track-list!

Click here for the Dive Into Travelling February Playlist

Click here for the Dive Into Travelling March Playlist


Featured Playlists

Here are two playlists you just have to have in your life. Both were inspired by my journey into the world of Scuba Diving and contain a mega-mix of genres, eras, styles and artists.

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Looking for new music? Here’s an eclectic playlist of genres, eras and artists to stimulate your eardrums and find your next favourite song! Updated monthly.