Postcards From Italy

Diary of a Scuba Instructor in Glasgow, Scotland.

Today, I spent several hours chatting to friends and family over different video-calling platforms. In a way, I count myself lucky that this is all happening at a time where we can stay connected through the wonder of technology. It also goes to show that the internet should no longer be considered a luxury – it’s a utility!

So, the plan is to keep communicating regularly, and I’m slowly creating a list of family and friends to call at the same time every week. Where we would have planned to go out for lunch or coffee, we now get that coffee at home, plant ourselves comfortably and spend time chatting, as though we are side-by-side.

After feeling a calling for quite some time, I finally took a few minutes to conduct some Metta Meditation for all the people of our world, offering love, solidarity, strength and peace.

Beirut – Postcards From Italy

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